New Branch and Management

jMonkeyEngine 3.0 – It is really happening

The 2.0 line of jME is mature and powerful, and undeniably provides a great number of cool projects with an essential framework for their needs. However, its limitations have been evident for years now, and it eventually lead to lacking interest from the project”s core developers, leaving few if any behind to really drive the development forward in one common direction.
In an attempt to give the project a new beginning by truly ”pushing the envelope” and throwing jME into the grand next-generation race, Kirill “Momoko_Fan” Vainer announced his attempt at a 3.0 branch of jME. It was received with largely positive remarks and great constructive feedback, and soon it was evident that we were dealing with a fully viable successor to jME2. Both branches are currently being actively developed, and it is safe to say that 2.0 will still be supported for years to come.

So as the introduction of a prospective 3.0-line brought life to a lot of healthy yet controversial debate, a new melting pot of differing opinions saw the light of day.

A healthy mix of old and new

Almost three weeks ago now, a thread was opened that eventually led to a significant change in management. Since then we have been slowly making minor structural changes and starting up debates. Hopefully not in too long, we will be ready to migrate our servers from the current Lunarhosting to our very own dedicated hosting at Soon to come after that would be special developer”s tools and some needed web optimizations.

In the meantime, the internal structure of the project will be the point of focus. We will be figuring out what type of role the individual users see themselves having in this community. Current positions will be weighed up against ambitions and competence,  and slowly but surely jMonkeyEngine will be a stronger entity than ever.