Android Support Confirmed for jME3

It’s an interesting time in the gaming world as devices other than PC’s and Consoles are gaining the horsepower required to run real 3D games.  These powerful little devices are bringing a new aspect to the physicality of gameplay with their many integrated features.  Accelerometers, touchscreens, camera, even GPS!  All aspects of the device are being drawn upon for various applications and now for games.  With that in mind, a member of the jMonkeyEngine team made an announcement in the forums that he was instituting Android support for the third installment of the engine.

The adoption of Android abilities into jME3 means big things for game developers using the engine.  The ability to develop for many platforms with expertise in one engine will empower jMonkeyEngine users like never before.  Games, scientific applications, and just about anything else you can dream up are all coming to an Android phone near you.  One of the most portable, and open source, engines around just got more accessible.

Android has made a splash in the mobile industry not only as the first operating system to be put forth by Google, but by being the first real competitor to Apple’s iPhone OS.  The operating system is currently available on a number of phones including the HTC Dream(marketed as the G1), HTC Hero (marketed as the G2), Motorola Droid, and the Nexus One.  More phones are forthcoming meaning that Android is likely to keep getting into new hands.

Excited?  We sure are.  Hop over to the forums, start playing with jME2 or the in-development jME3, and join in the fun!

Update 14. February 2011: Please refer to the Android board for the latest updates and queries.