Old promo video resurfaces: Prototypes & Alphas Mashup

So, a fairly long while back (almost a year? oh my god I’m so sorry!) we asked the jmonkeys for video clips of their prototypes an alphas, and as always, our fine community didn’t disappoint. However, the Stable release kept being held up by a crucial bug, and after a while we were suddenly out of “release mode” again, and the promo video never happened.

Way back when hopes were high, I quickly put together a simple video of the collected videos for just the team to look at, since we’d soon have a proper release video to share with the public. Alas, it didn’t go down that way. Instead, I’m sharing it now (look up).

Silver lining? Many of these games are still in development and look 10x better today! Way to go monkeys.

In closing, I think it’s safe to say now that 3.0 Stable is less than 2 weeks away. If we don’t make this deadline, something absolutely terrible must have happened and we’re all probably gonna be more occupied with fending off the alien invasion or building arks than worrying about some 3D engine getting a nice and shiny “Stable” sticker slapped on it.