jME3 SDK – First Alpha Release

It is truly a historic day ladies and gentlemen! For today, on the 17th of May, Norway became independent. Oh, and jMonkeyEngine 3.0 releases its first official ALPHA!

Direct Download – jME3 SDK Alpha1, no questions asked, for the impatient and daring.

We have decided to release jME3 in two different packages:

  1. jMonkeyEngine3 SDK (includes jMonkeyEngine3 and jMonkeyPlatform)
  2. jMonkeyEngine3 Standalone (includes jMonkeyEngine3 only)

Go to our download repository and pick whichever flavor suits you.

Showcase videos

jMonkeyEngine3 Demo Video

jMonkeyEngine3 SDK Demo Video


If you’re wondering how the new jME3 matches up to the good ol’ jME2, check out the newly updated comparison, and join in on the discussion if you want to have your say.

We are also attempting to build an exhaustive list of all current and upcoming features. As of this writing, only the current and most complete features are listed.

Now let’s talk community!

Please read our contributor’s handbook. Make sure you don’t miss the part about reporting bugs. This is an alpha after all.

We could also use more video footage.

Frankly, we’re all rather exhausted now! There’s so much in store for the days to follow though. Here’s a taste:

  • Plenty more showcase contents
  • Webstarts!
  • What’s up next? (general core, Android, terrain, jMonkeyPlatform plugins)

Happy Alpha Day, fellow jMonkeys!

~ jMonkey Team