There’s simply too much “new”

In subsequent feature highlights (3.1, 3.2 and so on) we’ll be referring to “new features and improvements”. 3.0 however is special, seeing as we could essentially pull just about any snippet of code and point to it as something new. As such, we could literally list enhancements in the hundreds if we were so inclined. So, for your scrolling sanity, we’ve decided to only list what we consider to be the highlights of noteworthy features finding their way into jME3 over many years of hard work. Enjoy!

Recent highlights


Custom AppStates in the SDK

Complete coding of games in the SDK with all tools like SceneExplorer etc. to see and influence whats happening.

Hardware Skinning

Offloading skinning from your CPU to your GPU can result in major FPS savings, especially on mobile devices.

Code completion for assets in SDK

Type .loadModel(” (or sound, font, xml, material...) and enjoy full-fledged code completion for all of your assets.

Shader Nodes with visual editor

Create powerful new shaders simply by dragging and dropping material boxes in a visual editor.

Physics debugging

The debug happens in a separate AppState that constructs a debug view directly from the PhysicsSpace data.

Exhaustive Blender integration

Automatic j3o updates from external changes! This feature represents the pinnacle of the asset system in the SDK and makes extensive use of existing asset management features which prove to work splendidly.

Intelligent model import

The model import tool now covers the most common “problem case” for model imports as well: missing textures or textures that cannot be referenced from the import root folder.

TextureAtlas creation and packed Texture handling

You can now batch geometry and create a TextureAtlas at the same time, all in the comfort of the SDK.

Other goodies


TerraMonkey gets a bigger toolbox

Combine several different textures for unique looking terrains and shape them any way you'd like with simple raise/lower, smooth/flatten tools. Undo and redo on the fly.

A faster Nifty GUI

Nifty GUI has received the speed-treatment.

Plugin Highlight: NeoTextureEdit

The NeoTextureEditor allows creating tiled textures procedurally using a simple node interface for generating images, blending them, creating normal maps and much more.

Plugin Highlight: Cubes Framework

A block world framework.

Plugin Highlight: t0neg0dGUI

Different strokes for different monkeys. tonegodGUI is a very powerful alternative to NiftyGUI, built specifically and exclusively for jME3.

Configurable and realistic water

A highly configurable post processing effect with with waves, ripples, foam, reflection and refraction.


AssetPacks are a way to package jME3 compatible assets like models, textures, sounds and whole scenes into a package that contains publisher info, license info, descriptions etc. for all of the assets.

Jaime – Free model

jME3 comes with a free, open source 3D model, fully textured and animated.

Game Footage

Just Tactics - a turn based strategy game
CHAOS_Beta 2.2 by 4Realms
Mythruna Tour + Download link (Pre-Alpha)
HeroDex Beta Trailer
pirateHell trailer
Android Boardtastic Skateboarding 2
Hostile Sector - Crossroads Gameplay
Attack of the Gelatinous Blob Preview