jMonkeyEngine3 SDK Alpha-3 released!

We’re happy to announce the release of jMonkeyEngine3 SDK Alpha-3!

This release sees many additions like terrain and networking and also jMonkeyPlatform has been improved with many additions and fixes. To celebrate the achievements, we have created a new video for this release, showing some of the code examples and jMonkeyPlatform in action. Enjoy:

The newly added terrain and networking systems have been tested by users of the nightly version and most bugs have been squished already. See a list of the most important changes in jMonkeyEngine3 SDK Alpha-3:

Terrain system
Networking System
– Blur filter
Glow map textures
– Bullet physics now an AppState (easily create/switch multiple physics spaces)
– More/Updated tests
– Local updates (no more rootNode.updateGeometricState())
– Fixes (AssetLinkNode, Collision etc..)

– Welcome Screen
Model Import Wizard
Asset Packs
Codeless projects (manage other IDE projects assets in jMP)
NeoTextureEditor & NeoTexture plugin (via Contribution Update Center)
Desktop and Applet Deployment
NiftyGUI XML Previews
– Terrain Support (Editor WIP)
– Binary Ogre files support
– Improved Help System (Docs are stored local, search works now)
– Add jMonkeyEngine3 wiki content to Help System
– Bugfixes (e.g. edit-resistant example projects etc.)

Uninstalling jMonkeyPlatform Alpha-2
For all existing users its recommended that you uninstall your current version of jMonkeyPlatform without deleting the settings folder and then install Alpha-3.

– Select jMonkeyPlatform in your installed software list and uninstall it
– (Alternatively) Double-click the uninstall.exe in the jmonkeyplatform folder
– Go through the uninstall wizard

– Run the file in the jMonkeyPlatform install folder
– Go through the uninstall wizard

– Right click the jMonkeyPlatform application and select “show contents”
– Double-click the uninstall.command file in the folder that opens
– Go through the uninstall wizard
– Delete the empty jMonkeyPlatform application.

Downloading jMonkeyPlatform Alpha-3
Download jMonkeyEngine3 SDK Alpha-3 in our download section.

Happy coding,
The jMonkeyEngine Team