Kirill Vainer

Lead Developer

    Erlend Sogge Heggen

    Community Manager

    Skye Book

    Web Developer

    Normen Hansen

    Core Developer

    Ruth Kusterer

    Technical Writer

      Rémy Bouquet

      Core Developer

      Paul Speed

      Core Developer

      Brent Owens

      Core Developer

      Eric Potter

      Core Developer

        … and a big, everlasting thanks to all our contributors!

        The list of contributors is too long too keep track of, and frankly subjective. There’s certainly some cool monkeys out there who deserves more recognition, but we’ve done our best to mark the people you should mentally ‘high five’ with a simple “Core Contributor” sticker. They shouldn’t be too hard to find on the forum: Along with the developers, they’ll be the ones helping you out.