New Website

Hello. We have a new website. This doesn’t come to you as a surprise if you have been following this thread where for ~1 week a preview of the website has been exposed to the feedbacks of the community. This is the result after integrating all your suggestions, however there is always room for improvement and feedbacks are always appreciated, so if you didn’t have a chance to voice your opinion before, feel free to do it as a reply to this post. … Read More...

Update in the wake of recent events

Hello fellow community members. Probably most of you know already, but one of the team members left the community due to an internal disagreement. From his departure I took over his role, reconfigured our services to use easily redeployable docker containers, tested for different configurations and load and migrated everything to a different cloud provider with a plan that I believe is more suitable to our needs. … Read More...
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