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Skullstone – a retro styled grid-based dungeon crawler RPG inspired by the good old titles such as Dungeon Master, Stonekeep, Eye of Beholder and many other classics.

In a few words – a party of mercenaries explore a dungeon. They fight monsters, solve puzzles, find equipment, gather experience and level up while progressing through increasingly difficult levels. And there’s a story behind all that, are you ready to discover the truth behind Skullstone ?

The game’s focused on combat – player will encounter various types of monsters with different combat abilities. They may roam the dungeon all alone or in groups. And they can surprise you in a very nasty way if you’re not cautionous! Evil creatures can perform melee, range and even AoE attack as well as debuff player’s heroes lowering their fighting ability, immobilizing them, poisoning and so on.

When starting the game you are asked to choose four out of twenty pre-defined characters. Each hero begins the game with his own set of skills and abilities.