Contributing to jMonkeyEngine

There are several ways to contribute toward the jMonkey project. All of the jmonkey source code is hosted on github and follows the git procedure.

Contributing to the Engine

To contribute to the engine you must clone the jMonkeyEngine repository, commit your changes and submit a Pull Request (PR). Pull Requests are reviewed by staff members and contributors before it is determined whether they will be approved and merged.

Visit the jMonkeyEngine repository to clone the repository.

Contributing to Documentation

Documentation comes in two forms: JavaDoc and the Wiki.

To submit changes to the JavaDoc you must follow the same procedure as Contributing to the Engine. To submit changes or add new pages to the wiki you must clone the wiki repository and follow the same procedure as Contrubuting to the Engine.

Reporting Bugs

To report any bugs in the engine or errors in documentation you can submit a new issue in the corresponding repository.