Minie Physics Library Version 1.4 Released!

Minie version 1.4 is an exciting new add-on for the JMonkeyEngine (JME) game engine.

Minie provides an open-source physics engine for desktop games. It gives software developers using JME access to the proven technology of the Bullet Physics SDK version 2.89, including:

Minie incorporates DynamicAnimControl technology for ragdoll simulation and inverse kinematics. It supports the use of Khaled Mamou V-HACD algorithm to decompose complicated shapes for efficient simulation.

Minie’s API closely mimics those of JME’s official physics libraries: jme3-bullet and jme3-jbullet, so existing JME applications should require little or no modification to work with Minie.

Minie’s documentation starts with a 70-KB README file. It comes with a dozen demo applications, some tutorials, and an extensive test suite, all open-source. Its Javadoc describes all public methods and their arguments, and the source code includes additional inline documentation.

The release of Minie 1.4 was first announced on 8 February 2020 at the JME Forum. The software can easily be obtained for free. Pre-built Maven artifacts are served by JCenter. Its complete source code and build scripts are in a public GitHub repository. And of course it has its own page at Jmonkeystore.

Whether you’re starting a new game project, dissatisfied with the official physics libraries, or simply curious about the future of open-source game physics, you owe it to yourself to try Minie!